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Global School Bus is an educational resource developed for a worldwide community of teachers, schools and students. Our goal is to support sharing of educational resources around the globe.

"There are problems in the Education World." This is no secret, and it is the reason Global School Bus exists today. The idea developed as two educators traveled the globe and saw the diverse methods people where using to educate their children. Witnessing these foreign methods, a common theme began to develop. The educators found themselves saying things such as "I had no idea" and "That might work." Then one day, over an email, the idea was set free; To create a global community where teachers from all around the world can share ideas and methods to help improve themselves and their students. And that was the beginning.

In order to set ourselves apart from the rest of the on-line community we have eagerly tried to cater to every type of educator, school, and education-based company. We have also tied to create a “user friendly” environment that does NOT have 457 links on the first page! The goal of Global School Bus is to make the world aware of the most successful methods of education that are practiced all around the globe. We will take whatever steps we feel are necessary to promote and achieve this goal.

Global School Bus was designed to be an on-line community, not an on-line monopoly. Without your support and ideas our goals can not be achieved. There are problems in the world of education, and there are exciting challenges that we can meet together. We provide the forum, so you can make the difference.

Thank you for your continued support!

Award of Excellence:
This month's school site award goes to
Mrs. Powell’s Kindergarten Classroom!. This is just a wonderfully cute little site for younger students.Teaching Jobs Overseas, ESL teaching jobs, TESL jobs, ESL jobs, Teaching job search, sites for teachers, lessons plans, websites for teachers, teaching websites, esl teaching websites, teacher sites, teaching sites, lesson plans for teachers, teaching news, news for teachers, The best website on teh web for teachers, best sites for teachers, best teaching websites, teaching kids film,

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AWARDED SITE: Sardis Elementary SchoolThis is a wonderful site for teachers, parents and alike. It is a model for school websites that are engaging and keep visitors coming back because it uses dynamic content and a proprietary content engine that allows our staff to easily update their own pages. A really valuable tool.

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