Is it Possible to Clean Credit History?

There are many portals that offer the service of cleaning the credit history from one day to another, almost instantly, but, in advance you should know that this is not possible.

Most of these services seek to defraud asking for money and confidential financial data.

If you have a very bad reputation in CRECOR as a debtor, the first thing you should catch up with your payments. Another option is to reach an agreement with the financial institution to reschedule the installments by proposing viable solutions that benefit both.

When your credit history is in red and you have already paid off the debt, the history will not be cleared instantly, as unpaid debts can remain in the credit bureaus for up to 5 years after their expiration.


How to clear credit history

credit history

The non-debit letter is a tool that facilitates the process of cleaning the credit history. You can ask the bank and take it to CRECOR, although there have been a few months of late payments, without falling into red.

Now, what happens when you have done the corresponding thing and in the report of the credit history, an incorrect formation comes out?

You can submit an information review request. For this you must go to the office QAFax Consumer Care INFOCROP. You will indicate your name or that of the entity from which you want the information.


Data and requirements to be included in the application

credit history

It must be addressed to QAFax Peru SA, detailing the reason for requesting the review of information, the name and surname, ID of the holder. Also the full address where you will receive the response or email.

Legible copy of the ID of the holder of the information

Legible copy of the documents that verify that the requested is real, such as the payment document, proof of non-payment or any other that validates the requested.